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Chapel Hill Solutions, a premier executive search firm, specializes in providing talent mapping and market mapping services to clients looking to map, track and analyze existing talent available across the talent landscape.

About Talent Mapping and Pipelining

Our Process

Phase I:
Strategic Research

Talent Mapping begins with a strategic assessment and research plan to understand how your competitors structure their departments and business units and to identify highly sought after talent leading these roles.

Phase II:
Talent Identified

We begin monitoring, tracking and mapping this talent and the teams around them. By thoroughly researching the management levels above and below an individual we identify rising talent, forecast career progression and assess future talent mobility.

Phase III:
Competitor Structures Mapped

Talent Mapping then looks beyond these individual relationships and networks to explore how competitors structure their departments and business units. This identifies any skills gaps and allows for an organization to always be “business ready.”

Phase IV:
Market Map Generated

After weeks of strategic research, sourcing and discovery we provide an in-depth report and assessment of the current talent available in the marketplace. We provide any recommendations for succession planning, hiring and internal restructuring.

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