Finding qualified staff for your healthcare organization can be challenging, especially in today’s tight labor market. Not only do you have to compete for the best talent, but you also need to factor in staff turnover costs. 

The 2022 NSI National Healthcare Retention & RN Staffing Report reveals that the average hospital turnover rate in 2021 was 25.9%, representing a 6.4% rise compared to the preceding year. 

Furthermore, in the last five years, hospitals have experienced 100.5% staff turnover, with voluntary terminations accounting for 95.5%. This data shows that despite their goal of reducing turnover, hospitals have struggled to make progress – a cost that is simply too high to ignore.

Developing a proactive recruitment strategy that is both efficient and effective is essential to ensure maximum results in healthcare hiring. Here are eight proven ways to build and maintain a strong team of highly qualified medical professionals who contribute significantly to your hospital or healthcare practice’s success.

Generating Awareness: How to Introduce Candidates to Healthcare Roles

Introducing the right healthcare professionals to their ideal roles can help create a more efficient, effective, and compassionate healthcare system. But how do you go about generating awareness of these opportunities? 

  • Create experiences such as shadow days, internships, or temporary job opportunities to offer potential employees an insight into the role and the organization 
  • Attend networking events and career fairs to provide a chance to meet prospective candidates in person 
  • Generate content related to a day in the life of each role to give readers more information about the tasks involved 

Additionally, staying connected with recruiters like Chapel Hill Solutions ensures you find the perfect recruitment partner for your business. With an extensive pool of verified professionals and connections in the healthcare field, we provide you with unmatched access to hundreds of qualified candidates ready to take on challenging roles and contribute in meaningful ways. 

Our comprehensive recruitment solutions, including a rigorous headhunting process, integrated campaigns, and transparent reporting, ensure that your hiring process is efficient and accurate, giving your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

Selling the Job as a Career: Show Candidates What You Have to Offer

Candidates want to know that they’re making an investment in themselves as well as in your organization, and it’s important for them to see how you prioritize their professional growth.

Show potential candidates that your organization is an ideal place to build a career — one that offers dynamic opportunities and immense growth potential.

Explain how the job provides meaningful work and allows your candidates to be part of something greater than themselves. With a flexible work environment, employees are encouraged to continually learn and develop their skills, giving them the power to shape their futures.

Beyond this, emphasize the abundance of resources available within the company — such as access to top-notch technology, world-class mentorships, and unlimited learning opportunities — all of which can help propel their careers even further. 

Considering Pay, Benefits, and Culture: Necessary Factors that Candidates Consider

It’s not just about the salary – giving unique training opportunities, valuable work experience, and more vacation time or flexible regular hours can also appeal to candidates. If money cannot be adjusted in the package, employers should explore other options, such as job security or additional perks to encourage the applicant. 

Ultimately, employers must stay aware of what their competitors offer and aim to make their offer attractive to the candidate.

  • Consider pay, benefits, and culture when making a job offer
  • Offer unique training opportunities and additional perks beyond a salary
  • Ask candidates what else you can do to encourage them to say yes

Getting Real About Requirements: Make Candidates Feel Comfortable Applying

To ensure potential applicants feel comfortable applying, regardless of their background or qualifications, create a strong hook within the job listing that will encourage them to apply and give them room to say yes.

For instance, emphasize the unique opportunities available in your company and the tremendous growth potential they can expect as part of it. Showcase your values and mission statement, displaying how you prioritize employee development and professional growth. By doing this, you demonstrate that your organization is an ideal place to build a career and provide meaningful work for those seeking it.

Meeting Candidates Where They Are: How To Find and Engage Your Potential Hires

By meeting potential hires where they are and engaging them actively on their preferred channels, you can ensure that all qualified candidates feel comfortable applying to your organization.

Attend industry conferences, classes, programs, and local events to meet candidates in person. Utilize job sites and professional websites such as LinkedIn to create a wide search net.

Join the conversation online through social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram to better understand potential candidates’ interests. Also, consider hosting career events at your organization – this could be an excellent opportunity to connect directly with potential candidates.

Setting Time Aside for Recruiting or Getting Help

Allocating time for recruiting or enlisting help is essential for filling open positions. By dedicating at least an hour every day to activities such as going through resumes, networking, and reaching out to potential candidates, you can identify the right pool of talent quickly. 

Engaging your team in screening resumes and interviewing allows them to give their input on how the candidate would fit in with the team. 

Consider seeking help from a reputable recruiter like Chapel Hill Solutions to find the perfect recruitment partner for your business. Our proven process provides speed, accuracy, and completion guarantee with economies of scale regarding personnel budgets. We provide accurate and up-to-date salary data and perception information directly from market analytics. Our approach allows businesses unparalleled control over the recruiting process and offers clarity in brand image and consistency in activity. 

Taking these steps will ensure an efficient and effective recruitment experience with minimal hassles. 

  • Dedicate an hour every day to recruiting activities
  • Enlist your team’s help
  • Ask a reputable recruiter or firm for support 

Considering Your Brand & Reputation During the Hiring Process

Give potential job candidates a clear and accurate insight into your organization. Take the time to craft your job postings. How they read is just as important as what they convey. 

Highlight the qualities of your company that would make a candidate want to become a part of it, such as unique opportunities, a great learning environment, and an emphasis on career growth and development. It would also help to keep the language in your postings neutral and free from stereotypes or expectations about who should apply for the position.

By constantly reviewing feedback through reviews sites like Google or Yelp, you can create instant transparency with potential candidates regarding how others view your organization. Furthermore, working with experienced recruitment partners such as Chapel Hill Solutions guarantees access to powerful tools and specialist knowledge needed to efficiently attract top talent and take your brand to the next level.

Interviewing for Soft Skills

When interviewing for open positions, don’t forget to look out for the candidate’s soft skills – qualities such as integrity, dependability, communication, and open-mindedness. Preparing questions designed to get a feel for their approach will help you find those with the right attitude and cultural fit. 

Going beyond the traditional one-on-one interviews by having them meet your team in either a casual group conversation or a team outing can also be beneficial. This helps provide insights into how they interact in different environments and allows your team to see them in action. 

  • Prioritize soft skills
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Have candidates meet your team

Chapel Hill Solutions – See What We Can Do For You

At Chapel Hill Solutions, we provide a robust, detailed, and tailored talent acquisition solution to deliver the best outcome for our clients. Our commitment is to ensure that each client receives a professional, reliable, and timely recruitment solution that meets their specific needs.

We are specialists in senior management, specialist, and critical hires in the healthcare industry. Our proven process focuses on speed, accuracy, and completion of the recruitment process, ensuring that our clients get the best talent in a timely manner. We also provide whatever data our clients desire, from salary data to skillset ratings, as well as perception information directly from the market, to ensure our clients have total control over the recruitment process.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent talent acquisition solutions and are dedicated to helping our clients solve their most difficult talent challenges. To find out more about our recruitment solutions, get in touch with us today!

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