Wow! Hiring during the current post-pandemic and recovery period looks ridiculously challenging. The news has been reporting labor shortages and hiring challenges about how businesses struggle to find staff to fill mission-critical positions, from waiters to nurses. What is going on!?

We are optimistic that some of you are reading this with similar hiring struggles at your current organization. Suppose you are at all part of the hiring discussion for your organization. In that case, you might have heard or come across the solution called RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing. When you hear RPO from your Human Resource executive, do you know what they mean? If you are not 100% clear about the model, you have come to the right place to find out more information.

In this post, we hope to accomplish the following:

– Understand typical models of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

– Expand on potential benefits of implementing an RPO

– Explain a real-life example of an RPO and live results

– Evaluate how to choose the right RPO solution

RPO models apply to all industries and benefit small and large organizations because having a steady-state and proactive recruitment strategy benefits every organization. But, unfortunately, traditional talent acquisition is broken. We hope this post will help energize your organization to take care of your business’s most critical piece: people.

What is RPO?

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing is when an organization transfers all or a part of the recruitment and hiring process to an external firm or partner. For example, the transfer could be the initial stage of the hiring process, from marketing to interviewing. Recruitment outsourcing could also be the latter part of the hiring process, from background checks to employee onboarding.


The timeline for Recruitment Process Outsourcing varies, and an RPO can be indefinite or as short as three months. However, the average RPO solution lasts about two years due to the variability in hiring during certain parts of the year.


A few factors help build a successful RPO project. See some below:

– Goals for the RPO

– Volume of desired people or open positions

– Timeline of how long the project will last

– Number of locations and variation in hiring processes

– Recruitment success rate

So, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing model involves a good amount of complexity, depending on the factors above at your organization. Most firms have a staged implementation period to calibrate and ramp up the processes and procedures. These projects usually have recurring status reports and key performance indicators tied to the RPO. It helps keep all stakeholders accountable and involved in the project’s success. Most RPO projects will include a project manager, a team of recruiters, and a team of onboarding or human resource specialists to service their clients at each stage of the hiring process.

We believe in creating a customized solution for our clients when we are servicing an RPO project. Providing clear goals for the RPO project is essential because it allows for more efficient project management from the start. Moving forward, Chapel Hill Solutions consistently implements key performance indicators to track progress at each point of the RPO project. In addition, we have taken steps to modernize our reporting to effectively provide a clear picture of how the whole project is developing while drilling into the details.


Typically, the number of positions (or requisitions) dictates the pricing of an RPO project. Some firms split that fee into an open fee and closing fee (or success fee) per requisition. A monthly rate is another effective pricing model, and some firms even charge a monthly minimum for the entire project. In summary, there are many ways to price an RPO, and we typically find that timeline, terms, and volume determine the overall cost.

At Chapel Hill Solutions, we believe Recruitment Process Outsourcing should expand and contract with your hiring needs. You only need an outsourcing model during specific growth periods in the business. We do not think monthly minimums are beneficial in most cases because your organization should not pay for something you don’t need. We believe an on-demand recruitment solution benefits most organizations to tap into deep resources that otherwise would not have been the case. Therefore, our RPO pricing varies along with the fluctuation of your organization’s hiring needs. We provide better pricing per requisitions as volumes and timelines increase. Schedule a call with us to learn more!

Why is RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing Important?

Hiring at most organizations is complex and volatile. Traditional recruitment methods in talent acquisition departments are not meeting the constantly changing landscape in our economic and social environment. Most organizations need a subject matter expert in recruitment that brings modernized strategies, tools, and resources. Most organizations cannot afford the time and money to change their talent acquisition strategy and processes constantly. We believe in the importance of a steady state of recruitment that regularly advertises our client’s organizations’ unique selling points and benefits. In addition, adapting to our clients’ strategies and strengths typically creates a very dynamic and successful partnership for their recruitment and hiring processes.

Real Example of Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO

We have many real-life examples and results of our RPO projects throughout the years. However, we want to highlight a specific RPO project. Therefore, we are offering a case study on our Recruitment Process Outsourcing project. You can gain access to this case study by clicking the button below to download your copy.

What should you do now?

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